Chad Behnke

Gannett Ad Showcase featuring advanced ad placements
Gannett Ad Showcase featuring advanced ad placements

In the midst of the now battle-tested rollout of the new USA Today redesign, one that would ultimately be applied to Gannett’s local markets as well, the advertising team at Gannett wanted a simple and inspiring place to demonstrate the capabilities and mechanics of some of their more intricate advertising placements.

Takeover showing ad specs

Many of these experiences were built to work specifically with the way that the site was designed, and capture the consumer’s attention while weaving seamlessly with its experience.

Showcase card hover state

I built this site much like other portfolio sites, and added some small interaction touches to help display some of the heavier technical specs necessary in the design. One of the challenges of this project was striking a balance between these technical demonstrations and communicating specs while also maintaining a fun UI that would appeal to potential ad agencies

Hero Flip
Interactive Takeover

I also created these small GIFs that used simpler wireframe boxes to further demonstrate how the advertising placements worked in terms of interaction.